Your College is Out in the Social Media World. Now What?

It’s the brave new frontier and one we are all blazing, or soon will be, if our students continue to rely on social media more and more in the coming years. For those of us that social media maven Scott Crow at Folsom Lake is bringing along into his army of online marketing warriors, there will come a time when the boss will come calling, asking if it is all worth it. How will we answer?

A little article from explains five measurement tools that we all can use to measure our success and penetration in the social media frontier. And for those of us who still fumble bumble our way through new social media sites (like me, yesterday, on LinkedIn), made it nice and easy with art. Screen caps show each tool and how it works. Yay for color pictures!

Paul Lanning's Klout score is 38. He's a "Socializer"The number one measurement tool on the list is Klout, which just yesterday appeared in a Tweet from FCCC president Paul Lanning.

What do you use, if anything, to measure your social media success?

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